I Will Be What I Believe Blake Gilette Children Choir Voices
"I Will Be What I Believe" is a song by Blake Gilette. The music video features William Kim, Hallie Cahoon, Grant Westcott, Kenya Clark, and Cairo McGee from the One Voice Children's Choir, and Mapleton Stake Primary Children This is one of many new, refreshing primary songs from my his CD I Will Be What I Believe, visit his website at www.blakegillettemusic.com for more songs, arrangements, and mashups. 

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♫ I Will Be What I Believe - Blake Gilette ♫

Change to So-fa Syllables

I Will Be What I Believe
Blake Gillete
For key of C instrument

Verse 1: @0:07
E    G   G    C       D           F         E      E   C   D
Living in this world     with change all around
F         E    G      G     C         D       F      E     E   E C         D
But with the prophets' words, I'll stand on solid grounds

Pre-chorus: @0:20
E  D         C      D    E       C        E       G     G      G   C D
Even though it's still hard, with questions that arise
E    F     E..D..C     C   D    D
Every day               I will say

Chorus: @0:33
A       B      C2   B      A  G       A   G   
I'll have faith like brother Joseph
G    F         E        G   G   G C   D
and the strength of the pioneers
A    B     C2   B  B     A   G      A   G
I'll be brave as a stripling warrior
G        F    E   G    G  C   D
and like Nephi persevere
D  E         F         F       F    A  G C2   C2     C       C
I will spread God's love to all   I know and serve
D  E       F        F    G    E   D   C    D      C
I will plead with my Father on my knees
D  E   F       E  D  C   C
I will be what I believe

Verse 2: @1:07
F              E      G    G   C      D               F       E     E   C      D
We'll spread the gospel wide       throughout all the earth
F          E G  G     C      D       F        E      E       E     C     D
With Jesus as our guide we'll wield the sword of truth

(Repeat Pre-chorus) @1:21

(Repeat Chorus) @1:34

Bridge: @2:02
A      A   B   B   C2G   F   E D   C
We are as the army of Heleman
A        A      A         A      F   E       D
We have been taught in our youth
C       A     A   B    B     C2       G   F   E D
And we will be the Lord's missionaries
C        F     E       D~C    D     C
To bring the world    His truth

(Repeat Chorus) @2:28

Outro: @3:01
E   G   F     A  C2 B C2
I will be what I believe

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