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FluteNotes.ph is a website that compiles different music notes or the so-called "Letter Notes" for a specific song. The notes are "not" just for flute only. Since musical notes is a broad concept, different kinds of musical instruments such as violin, piano, recorder, lyre, etc. are also welcomed here.


The goal of this website is to provide entertainment to all talented musicians out there. Beginner, intermediate or a professional musician can browse here. You're freely to share the notes to your colleagues, friends and loved ones too. Enjoy and have fun playing your favorite musical instrument!


1) 3 stars - represents the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.
2) Red, Blue, White and Yellow - represents the Philippines flag. Blue stands for the willingness to sacrifice oneself for freedom, peace, truth and justice. Red symbolizes courage and patriotism. White symbolizes liberty, equality and fraternity.
3) Human Head Shape - Represents every musicians.
4) Chocolate Hills, Bohol  - Being a nature lover.
5) Musical Note and  Different Instruments - signifies the letter notes provided and some musical instruments that is compatible to use here.
6) Circle - Worldwide.

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