Question #1: Hi, what's the difference between "Key of Bb and Key of C"?

Answer: Key of Bb and C are the two different keys of bamboo flute I used. They have their own or unique tone.  As you can see in the picture above, Key of C flute are much shorter than Key of Bb flute which makes it to produce a higher pitch than the latter. The shorter size of the flute, the higher pitch it will produce. Key of C flute is the most popular and used by many.

There are many different keys of flute has e.g. key of "G", "F", "B flat (Bb)", "C", etc. Click this link if you want to hear different kinds of keys of a Native American Flute. 

Question #2: Is your instrument can be called flute? I think it's a recorder.

Answer: In FluteNotes.ph, I only use "KingFlute" (a Philippine-made bamboo flute/recorder created and perfectly tuned by Sir Dante Ursua). Recorder can also be called "flute" because they belong of the flute family. So, ignore all those comments you read on the internet that recorder is not a flute because they are totally wrong

Question #3: What are the differences between a modern/concert flute and a recorder?
Answer taken from Yahoo (by cantilena91):

Size: A concert flute is only one size (there are alto, tenor and bass flutes too but they are rare!) whereas the recorder has basically 5 sizes (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass), sometimes even more!

The way of holding the instrument: The flute is played transversally whereas the recorders are always played horizontally.

Embouchure: The flute has a lip plate whereas the recorders do not, so the embouchure is very different.

Tuning: A concert flute is always in the key of C (some buy a B foot for some extra range), whereas most of the recorders are either in the key of C or in the key of F

Material: Flutes are always made of metal, whereas the recorders are either wooden or plastic.

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    1. Hi, Abdullah. Ito po yung guide para sa bamboo flute. >>Bamboo Flute Chart<< Sabihin mo lang kung saan ka nahihirapan. I'll do my best in explaining.

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