"Castle on a Cloud" takes part in 1823, Montfermeil. The song is sung by Little Cosette while dreaming of a better life instead of the life with the Thénardiers. She dreams of a "castle on a cloud", a realm of her own imagination where all children are free to play and she is loved. More info at wikia.

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♫ Castle On A Cloud - Les Misérables ♫

Reminder: "(low)" symbol after a certain note is just an indication that bamboo flutes or recorders can't reach that low note. Only violin, piano and other stringed instruments can reach that note.

Castle On A Cloud
Les Misérables OST
For key of C instrument

A B C2 B A A G#A
A B C2 B A G F E

A        B C2  B  A  A G#   A
There is a castle on a cloud
A   B C2  B      A   G    F     E
I like to go there in my sleep
D          EF       E     A    B C2     A
Aren’t any floors for me to sweep
D     E    F    E  D   C B(low)  A(low)
Not in my castle on      a       cloud

F         E D  CD  E  F    E C
There is a lady all in white
A           G     F      E    F  G AG
Holds me and sings a lullaby
A          A# A   G
She’s nice to see
F        G      A     F      C
And she’s soft to touch
D        E        F    E  F    E      F   E F     E
She says: “Cosette I love you very much.”

A     B  C2    B         A    A    G#     A
I know a place where no one’s lost
A    B  C2    B          A    G    F      E
I know a place where no one cries
D    E   F   E  A   B    C2  A
Crying at all is not allowed
D     E    F    E  D  C B(low) A(low)
Not in my castle on    a       cloud.

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