Tanging Yaman Family Walking Together
"Tanging Yaman" (Eng: Only Treasure/Wealth), sung by a Filipino singer and actress Carol Banawa and composed by Manoling Francisco, SJ. The song was used as one of the official soundtracks of the movie entitled "Tanging Yaman". The movie is a 2000 Filipino religious-family drama film produced by Star Cinema. Directed by Laurice Guillen, the film garnered several awards, especially at the 2000 Metro Manila Film Festival, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

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♫ Tanging Yaman ♫

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Change to So-fa Syllables

Tanging Yaman
Carol Banawa
For key of C instrument

Chorus: @0:19
G C2    B   E  E     A    F#   D  D
Ikaw ang aking Tanging Yaman 
G   D2 B C2 C2   C2 D2   A   B
Na di lubusang masumpungan 
G     C2 B E      E      A F# D
Ang nilikha mong kariktan 
G     G   A       B    C2 A   G  G
Sulyap ng 'yong kagandahan 

Verse 1: @1:10
G G     AF#   E    D  D
Ika'y hanap sa tuwina
G      E     D  C      C C     C   C    C2   A B
Nitong, pusong Ikaw lamang ang saya 
B     B  B   A  BC2D2
Sa ganda ng umaga 
D2 C2  BC2C2 C2G   A B
Nangungulila  sa'yo sinta 

Chorus 2: (Repeat Chorus 1) @1:51

Verse 2: @2:38
G G     AF#   E   D  D
Ika'y hanap sa t'wina 
G    E  D    C   C C     C   C   C C2 A B
Sa kapwa ko Ika'y laging nadarama 
B     B  B   AB C2D2
Sa iyong mga likha
D2 C2     B   C2    C2 C2
Hangad pa ring masdan 
C2       G     A   B
Ang'yong mukha 

Chorus 3: (key changes) @3:18
A D2 C2# F#F#   B    G#   E  E
Ikaw ang  aking Tanging Yaman 
A   E2 C2#D2D2 D2 E2  B  C2#
Na di  lubusang masumpungan 
A     D2C2#F#  F#   B G# E
Ang   nilikha mong kariktan 
A    A    B     C2#  D2 B  A  E2
Sulyap ng 'yong kagandahan 
A    A    B     C2#  D2 B  A  A
Sulyap ng 'yong kagandahan 

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