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"Heart of Worship", is a Christian worship song originally recorded by an English singer and songwriter, Matt Redman. The music provided below is from the album "Worship Together - Worship Together - The Heart Of Worship".

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♫The Heart Of Worship ♫

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The Heart Of Worship Music Letter Notes

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The Heart Of Worship
Philips, Craig & Dean
For key of C instrument

Verse 1:  @0:30

C2        C2  C2 F      G
When the music fades
A    G       G        F F
All is stripped away
C2 C2  C2  F      G
And I simply come
C2   C2    C2  F      G
Longing just to bring
A           G       G      F     F
Something that's of worth
C2      C2   C2       F       G
That will bless your heart

Pre-chorus: @0:56
A#    A#    A#     A     G    F   G
I'll bring you more than a song
G     F    A   G   F D
For a song in itself
A#  A# A#     A      G      F   G
Is not what you have required
A#       A#       A#     A G     F G
You search much deeper within
G                F     A      G        F   D 

Through the way things appear
A#         A#A# C2F    G      G
You're looking into my heart

Chorus: @1:22
C2    C2 C2    C2   F    F    D2   C2   A   G
I'm coming back to the heart of worship
F       G   A    A A#  A
And it's all about you
F      A   A A#   A     G F
It's all about you, Jesus
C2   C2C2   C2   F     F     D2     C2     A   G
I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it
F          G     A  AA#   A
When it's all about you
F      A   A A#   A     G F
It's all about you, Jesus

Verse 2: @1:57
C2    C2  C2  F       G
King of endless worth
A      G       G      F   F
No one could express
C2        C2     C2    F  G
How much you deserve
C2           C2   C2       F     G
Though I'm weak and poor
A   G   G    F     F
All I have is yours
C2C2  C2 F       G
Every single breath

(Repeat Pre-chorus) @2:23
(Repeat Chorus) @2:49
(Repeat Chorus) @3:45
(Repeat Chorus) @4:12

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