"The Promise Of The World" 世界の約束 (Sekai No Yakusoku) is the ending theme of a 2004 Japanese animated fantasy film (Howl's Moving Castle") scripted and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The music was composed by Kimura Yumi, arranged by Joe Hisaishi and the vocalist is Baishou Chieko. The film is based on the novel of the same name by British writer Diana Wynne Jones. The film was produced by Toshio Suzuki, animated by Studio Ghibli and distributed by Toho. Read more at Wikipedia

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♫ The Promise of the World (Flute *Converted to Bb) ♫

♫ The Promise of the World (Flute *Converted to C) ♫

The Promise Of The World
世界の約束 (Sekai No Yakusoku)
*Converted (Easy Version)
Howl’s Moving Castle OST

C    A A  GFAC2 A
Namida no oku ni
A C2A# D D A G  G
Yuragu hohoemi wa
C  A   A   G F  A  AC2 C2
Toki no hajime  kara no
C2A#A  D   A  G  F F
Sekai     no yakusoku

C2D2  F  F E F  C2 F
Ima   wa hitori demo
FC2C2  A# AGA  A#C2
Futari   no kinou  kara
C2D2F  F   D2E2D2 C2E F C2  
Kyou    wa   umare   kirameku
D2A#C2D2  D2C2 A#D   A   G
Hajimete        atta  hi no you ni

C A  A G  F  AC2 A
Omoide no uchi ni
Anata   wa inai
C   A A G  F   AC2C2
Soyokaze to natte
C2A#  A  D A G F F
Hoho ni furetekuru

C     A A G  F   AC2  A
Komorebi no gogo no
A  C2A# D  DA  G
Wakare no ato mo
C      AA   GFAAC2
Kesshite owaranai
C2A#A D    A G F F
Sekai    no yakusoku

C2D2  F   FEF   C2 F
Ima   wa hitori demo
Ashita  wa   kagirinai
C2D2D2  F  D2E2D2C2EFC2  
Anata      ga    oshietekureta
D2A#  C2 D2D2C2   A#DAG
Yoru    ni   hisomu  yasashisa

C A AG    F AC2# A
Omoide no uchi   ni
Anata  wa  inai
C  A A G  F  A AC2
Seseragi no uta ni
C2A#  C2A# A DA G
Kono  sora   no iro ni
C2D2 A# AA#A G
Hana no   kaori ni
A#A G   D A  GFF
Itsumademo ikite

♫ The Promise of the World (Official) ♫

♫ The Promise of the World (Flute by Zaehyuk Choi) ♫

 ---Key of C---

The Promise Of The World
*Original Version
世界の約束 (Sekai No Yakusoku)
Howl’s Moving Castle OST
Key of C

G(low)EE  D  CEG E
Namida     no oku  ni
EGFA(low) A(low)ED  D
Yuragu          hohoemi wa
G(low)E  E  D C  E    E G  G
Toki        no hajime  kara no
G F E  A(low)  E D C  C
Sekai     no      yakusoku

G A  C  CB(l0w)C  G C
Ima wa    hitori   demo
C G G   F   EDE  F G
Futari no kinou kara
G AC  C    ABA    GB(low)CG
Kyou wa umare   kirameku
A  F  G A  AG  F   A(low)  E   D
Hajimete atta hi     no    you ni

G(low)EED  C  E G  E
Omoide       no uchi ni
E G F  A(low)  A(low)FED
Anata     wa           inai
G(low)EED  C  EGG
Soyokaze      to natte
G   F   E  A(low)EDCC
Hoho ni   furetekuru

G(low)EED  C  E G   E
Komorebi   no gogo no
E     G F A(low)  A(low)E  D
Wakare     no            ato    mo
Kesshite    owaranai
GF E   A(low)   E D C C
Sekai      no     yakusoku


G A  C  CB(low)C   G C
Ima wa    hitori    demo
C G G    F   EDEFG
Ashita wa kagirinai
G A A  C  ABAGB(low)CG
Anata ga  oshietekureta
A   F  G   A A G   FA(low)ED
Yoru ni hisomu  yasashisa

G(low)EED  C  EG# E
Omoide       no uchi ni
E G  F A(low)A(low)  A(low)ED
Anata            wa                inai
G(low)EED  C  E E G
Seseragi       no uta ni
G   F   G  F  E   A(low)E D
Kono sora no        iro     ni
G   A    F  E FE D
Hana no kaori ni
F   E DA(low)E  DCC
Itsumademo      ikite

 ---Key of F---

The Promise Of The World
*Original Version
世界の約束 (Sekai No Yakusoku)
Howl’s Moving Castle OST
Key of F

D   B  B   A GBD2 B
Namida no    oku ni
BD2C2 E E B  A   A
Yuragu hohoemi wa
D B    B   A GB  BD2  D2
Toki no hajime kara  no
D2C2B  E   B A G G
Sekai    no yakusoku

D2E2  G  GF#G  D2G
Ima   wa hitori   demo
GD2D2  C2 B A B  C2D2
Futari    no  kinou   kara
D2E2G G   E2F2#E2  D2F#GD2 
Kyou    wa    umare     kirameku
E2C2D2E2  E2D2 C2 E    B   A
Hajimete       atta   hi no you ni

D B BA   G  BD2  B
Omoide no uchi  ni
Anata    wa   inai
D B B  A   G BD2D2
Soyokaze to  natte
D2C2    B  E B A G G
Hoho   ni  furetekuru

D   B  B A   G   BD2 B
Komorebi no gogo no
B D2C2   E  EB  A
Wakare no ato mo
D    B  B   AGBBD2
Kesshite  owaranai
D2C2B E   B A G G
Sekai   no yakusoku

D2E2 G   GF#G  D2G
Ima   wa hitori   demo
Ashita   wa   kagirinai
D2E2E2  G  E2F2#E2D2F#GD2
Anata      ga   oshietekureta
E2C2  D2 E2E2D2   C2 E B A
Yoru    ni   hisomu   yasashisa

D B B A  G  BD2# B
Omoide no  uchi   ni
Anata  wa  inai
D B B A   G  BB D2
Seseragi no uta ni
D2C2 D2C2 B EB A
Kono  sora no iro ni
D2E2 C2 BC2B A
Hana no  kaori ni
C2 B A  E  B  AGG
Itsumademo ikite

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