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"First Love", a song by Japanese singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada. It was released as her third Japanese language single on April 28, 1999, a month after the release of her debut album, First Love. The song was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama Majo no Jōken, starring Hideaki Takizawa and Nanako Matsushima."First Love" is featured in the PlayStation 2 rhythm game Unison, released in 2001. Source: Wikipedia
Song requested by: Ashantee, Andrew, Ortiz and Roxanne

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First Love Original Version  
♫ First Love (Official Audio) ♫

♫ First Love (Flute Version @ The Music Hutch)
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First Love Original Version Notes
First Love
Hikaru Utada
Key of C

GF#DB(low)D E G(low)A(low)B(low)A(low)
G(low) F#(low) G(low)

Verse 1:
G(low) D G(low) F#(low) B(low) A(low)G(low)F#(low)G(low)
Saigo                        no                 kisu            wa          taba-
(low)B(low)G(low)B(low) CB(low)G(low)
-ko       no                   flavor                ga             shita
F#(low)G(low) D B(low)C D C B(low)  G(low)A(low)B(low)
Nigakute                           setsunai                        kaori

Pre-Chorus 1:
G(low)B(low)G  F# F#GF#D B(low)E
Ashita                 no   imagoro   ni      wa
G(low)B(low) G F#  G  A A GF#ABAAG
Anata                   wa doko ni irundarou
F# G   G  G G  F#GA DD2
Dare wo omotterundarou

Chorus 1:
B       A   B    A     A  G   A   A    B
You are always gonna be my love
GF#GG   BA B A    G A  BC2D2D2C2BA
Itsuka    darekato mata koi   ni ochitemo
G    F# G    A  BG   E     A       F#    G     G
I'll remember to love you taught me how
B        A  B   A      A  G    A   A     B
You are always gonna be the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashi uta    utaeru made

Verse 2:
G(low) D G(low) F#(low) B(low) A(low)G(low)G(low)
Tachidomaru                                          jikan ga
G(low)F#(low)G(low)A(low)GA(low)B(low) CB(low)G(low)
Ugoki                                    dasouto                        shiteru
G(low) DDGF#ED  DCB(low)A(low)B(low)A(low)G(low) A(low)G(low)
Wasureta     kunai                    kotobakari                                    ohoh

Pre-Chorus 2:
G(low)B(low)GF# F#GF#D B(low)E
Ashita                no  imagoro   niwa
G(low)B(low) G F# GAA  F#ABAAG
Watashi               wa kitto    naiteru
F# G G G G F#G  A   D D2    G A  B  C2  B
Anatawo omotterundarou (yeah yeah yeah)

Chorus 2:

B        A   B    A    A  G  A      A      B
You will always be inside my heart
GF#GG   BAB   AG    A   B  C2 D2 D2C2 B A
Itsumo   anata dake no basho  ga    aru kara
G   F#    G  A     B  G     E    G    F#     G      G
I hope that I have a place in your heart too
B          B    A B A    A    G     A     A    B  
Now and forever you are still the one
Ima wa mada kanashii  love song
Atarashii uta utaeru made
D2BA  or (D2 D2#)
(Oh oh )

Chorus 3: HIGH
C2    A# C2 A#   A#G# A#A# C2
You are always gonna be my love
G#GG#G#  C2A#C2A# G#A#C2C2#D2# D2#C2#C2C2#C2
Itsuka           darekato      mata    koi      ni           ochitemo
G#  G G#  A#C2G#  F     A#      G    D#A#G#
I'll remember   to   love you taught me how
C2    A# C2 A#  A#G# D2# F2   F2D2#D2#

You are always gonna   be    the one
C2 C2  C2G#A#C2    C2#D2#F2 C2A#C2G# A#G#
Mada    kanashii                      love song             yeah
D#      F   G#A#G# C2D2#
Now and forever

First Love Converted

♫ First Love *Converted (Flute Cover Bb) ♫

♫ First Love *Converted (Flute Cover C) ♫

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First Love Easy Version

First Love *Converted (Easy)
For key of Bb and C
Flute Version

*Chorus 3 removed

E2 D2 C2 D2 E2D2D2C2C2 BC2

Verse 1:

CGC   B(low)   E D   C B(low)C
Saigo     no      kisu  wa taba-
C      C DECE  F   E C
-ko no flavor ga shita
B(low)CGE    F GFE   CDE
Nigakute      setsunai kaori

Pre-Chorus 1:
C   EC2 B  B C2BG  E  A
Ashita no imagoro ni wa
CEC2   B  C2D2D2 C2BD2E2D2D2C2
Anata wa doko   ni  irundarou
BC2   C2 C2C2BC2D2GG2
Dare wo omotterundarou

Chorus 1:
E2    D2  E2D2   D2C2  D2  D2   E2
You are always   gonna be   my love
C2BC2C2 E2D2E2  D2C2D2E2F2 G2G2F2E2D2
Itsuka       darekato mata      koi ni     ochitemo
C2   B C2  D2  E2 C2    A       D2    B  C2C2
I'll remember to love you taught me how
E2    D2    E2D2  D2C2 D2 D2 E2
You are   always gonna be the one
C2BC2C2 E2E2E2  C2D2E2F2G2G2F2E2D2
Ima     wa   mada      kanashii love song
Atarashi           uta     utaeru made

Verse 2:
C    G  CB(low)E  D C   C
Tachidomaru      jikan ga
CB(low)C   D CDE   F  E C
Ugoki         dasouto shiteru
Wasureta kunai kotobakari  ohoh

Pre-Chorus 2:
C  EC2 B   BC2BG   E A
Ashita no imagoro niwa
C  E C2    B  C2D2D2 C2BD2E2D2D2C2
Watashi wa    kitto         naiteru
BC2C2C2   C2BC2D2GG2      C2D2E2F2E2
Anatawo   omotterundarou (yeah yeah yeah)

Chorus 2:
E2    D2  E2D2  D2 C2D2  D2   E2
You will always be inside my heart
C2BC2C2 E2D2E2  D2C2D2 E2F2 G2G2F2 E2D2
Itsumo       anata       dake no basho ga aru     kara
C2 B     C2 D2 E2 C2   A   D2    B     C2    C2
I hope that I have a place in your heart too
E2      E2 D2E2D2  D2  C2  D2  D2 E2
Now and  forever  you are still the one
C2BC2C2 E2E2E2  C2D2E2F2 G2G2F2E2D2
Ima     wa   mada        kanashii    love song
C2BC2D2E2C2G2 GF2E2C2 D2C2
Atarashii          uta       utaeru  made

PS: Letter notes for Chorus 3 are sharps
so I willl not put it anymore since
it is very hard to play in recorder or bamboo flute.

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