Difficulty: "Medium"

"Mirajane's Theme", is one of the official soundtrack of the anime, Fairy Tail. This song is track #7 from the volume one album which composed by Yasuharu Takanashi. Visit this > link < for more info. Enjoy!


Mirajane’s Theme
Fairy Tail OST
Flute Notes

@ 0:20
B A G…G A / D2 G2 E2.. D2 E2 D2 /
B A G…G A / G A B….A  /

B A G…G A / D2 G2 E2.. D2 E2 D2 /
B A G…G A / D E G…. /

@ 0:57
B D2 E2..D2..B /  G2 F2# E2..D2 A B… /
A..G..B G2 E2 / D2..E2 A B G B D2 E2..D2..B
G2 F2# E2..D2 A B… /

A..G..B G2 E2 / D2..A B G..F#..E…..

Submitted by: Kline Lim
Special thanks to him for sharing and transcribing it for us. Salute! :)

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