Now and Forever
Air Supply
Key of C

Verse 1: @ 0:14
G           B    A    G     B    A       G   C2  G2 G2  F2    E2   A
When love is new and the world is out reaching for you
A     F2    F2  F2  E2C2 G  B    A      G
We try hard to hold it all in our hands
B     A    G         C2      G2   G2   F2E2      A
But it slips through like soft drifting sands
A      F2F2   F2    E2   C2    E2 C2  B  C2    A
But drying the tears can build it all like new

Chorus 1: @ 0:46
G        E2 F2E2D2  E2F2G2    F2     E2
Now and forever, remember the words
G2      E2    D2    E2  F2E2  D2C2E2
From my heart will always be true
G        E2 F2E2D2 E2F2G2  F2  E2 G2 E2D2
Now and forever, together and all that I feel
E2         F2  E2  D2  C2
Here's my love for you

Verse 2: @ 1:14
G        B       A      G    B      A     G      C2   G2G2 G2 E2A
Learning each day that the right time was so far away
A    F2  F2   F2    E2  C2    G        B    A     G
To tell you the things I knew, now it's clear
B         A    G   C2    G2       G2     F2 E2  A 
That the moment we searched for is here
A        F2  F2    F2    E2 C2E2C2   B   C2 A
And counting the years is all I want to do

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: @ 2:14
G2      G2F2   F2  F2 D2   G2 F2D2A#
Hold me as close as love will allow
A#D2C2  A#    C2   D2   C2
Until all your fears are gone
G2      G2  F2     F2 D2  G2  D2A#
What has all passed is over now
A#    D2    C2   C2
I'm here with you
A#    G2    G2  G2
I'm here with you
I'm holding on
I'm holding on

Chorus 2: [HIGH] @ 2:48
A#    G2 G2#G2F2  G2G2#A2# G2# G2
Now and   forever,  remember  the words
A2#    G2   F2    G2  G2#G2 F2D2#G2
From my heart will  always  be  true
A#     G2   G2#G2F2 G2G2#A2# G2# G2 A2#G2F2
Now and    forever,     together    and   all  that I feel
G2       G2# G2  F2 D2#
Here's my love for you

(Repeat) @ 3:16
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